The Rjjks and others – Cruz y Ortiz

Antonio Cruz has graduated from the School of Architecture of Madrid in 1971. He has been a visiting professor at Lausanne, Zurich, Delft, Geneva, Harvard, Cornell and Columbia universities and at the School of Architecture of Pamplona/Spain. Since 2004 he has been an honorary professor at the University of Seville. Together with Antonio Ortiz, he started his professional activity in 1971.

Some of his better‐known Projects among others are the Wanda Metropolitano Stadium, the New Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, the Spanish Pavilion at the Hannover 2000 Expo, the addition to the SBB Railway Station in Basel and various stadiums in Spain and abroad. Antonio Cruz and Antonio Ortiz have recently received many awards, such as the Honorary Fellowship of the American Institute of Architects, decoration as Ridder of the Orde van de Nederlandse Leeuw and the Gold Medal of Architecture for their Career.

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