From the Ground Up, from the Inside Out – Sheila O’Donnell / John Tuomey

Im Rahmen des Internationalen Architekturforums

Sheila O’Donnell and John Tuomey will speak about recent competition designs in Dublin and Hamburg. They will discuss the ideas behind recent educational and cultural buildings in Cork, London and Budapest.

„When we speak about the ground, we mean the entire territory of the project, the given ground from which ideas emerge; the place, the people, the culture, the site, the wider context. These are the conditions that form the question to be answered in the architectural project.

A good building begins with some inner order, often with the embodiment of a social idea. The architectural design evolves from the inside out, growing into form like an organism, an operative mechanism ready for work. Its formal composition results from the arrangement of working parts.

Inside is a more complex term than simple interior containment, it means being at the heart of something, in the know. It’s about understanding client intentions, combining the spirit of the enterprise with the useful life of the building. It means living the project, getting it under your skin and then translating it, working it out in the design.“

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