Architects Not Architecture – Maria Warner Wong & Richard Hassell

Here we go! Now that we can not meet you and our speakers at a fully booked auditorium, we will bring the speakers directly to your homes and offices.

Starting in November, we will “visit” selected countries around the world and virtually meet some of their most relevant architects. The current list of countries includes Singapore, Australia, the United Kingdom, France, Denmark, the Netherlands, South Korea, China, Estonia/Lithuania, South Africa, Mexico, and the United States.

At our third event of the tour, we will “visit” Singapore and meet two of its most remarkable architects.
The two Singapore-based architects will talk on our virtual stage about their personal experiences and important creative periods in their lives and, as always at “AnA“, not a word may be lost about their projects.

Richard Hassell, WOHA Architects
Maria Warner Wong, WoW Architects

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